#003 - Brian Cooksey

Marco Cecconi On this episode we interview Brian Cooksey, Developer Platform Lead, Full-stack software engineer, and early employee at Zapier
You can find Brian online at @brian_cooksey

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Show Notes

On this episode we talk about practical tips for balancing working at home, the importance of networking, how to scale a remote company 10x, and much more.

Show Notes #003 - Brian Cooksey
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#002 - Matt McCormick

Marco Cecconi This episode we interview Matt McCormick, a former international freelancer and current Sr. Software Developer at Rooof
You can find Matt online at mattmccormick.ca

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Show Notes

On this episode we talk about living internationally to lower living expenses, freelancing, creating an effective portfolio, mentoring remotely and some challenges of growing as a remote developer.

Show Notes #002 - Matt McCormick (http://wayoff.site/episode/002-Matt-McCormick-Former-Freelancer/)
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#001 - Marco Cecconi

Marco Cecconi

Welcome to the first episode of Way Off Site!
Here we interview Marco Cecconi of StackOverflow.com
You can find Marco online at skilvvz.com and follow him at @sklivvz

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Show Notes

On this episode we talk about learning through demo coding in the infancy of the internet, how he got a job at stackoverflow, managing emotions in communication with remote teams, diversity, nigerian tutoring, and living where your money is worth the most.

Show Notes #001 - Marco Cecconi
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hello world!

Welcome to Way Off Site! The podcast where we try to demystify remote work by sharing the experiences of developers who work way off site.

Our first episode will be dropping any day now, so please follow us on twitter at @wayoffsite for updates.

For a little behind the scenes, I’m T.J. Barbour, and I’m a typical developer who has to suffer a daily commute and standing guard at my cubicle. In my quest to “go remote” I realized there’s a lot to take in. One day at a developer meetup, I was pitched the idea to podcast about remote development. So, I hope we can learn about this together as I interview developers who have experience working remotely. This website was built using Hugo and we record our podcasts on Zencastr.

If you have feedback, would like to be a guest or just want to get in touch, you can email us at wayoffsite@gmail.com.

Big Thanks to some of the people who have inspired me to do this
- Scott Hanselman of Hanselminutes
- Rob Conery of This Developer’s Life
- Jeff Atwood of Discourse
- Joel Spolsky of StackOverflow
- Jeff Mayerson of Software Engineering Daily

And last but not least John Sonmez of Simple Programmer for pitching me the original idea.

Thank YOU for checking us out!

Your Host, T.J. Barbour